A Safe Haven for Your Savings

Unfortunately, most of society has strayed away from this thinking.

The fact is Canadians aren’t saving as they once did and collectively are holding record high levels of debt. The average household savings rate in Canada has dropped from about 20 percent in the 1980’s, to 5.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016.[i] Many people believe they cannot save because after paying “all their bills” there’s nothing much left. However, understand that in most cases if you’re attempting to save after paying all your bills you may find this strategy to be futile. Instead, get in the habit of saving first or, consider it paying yourself first. Once you’ve developed this habit then you can look into what vehicle you want to save your cash in.

Generally speaking, when people DO consider saving often times the traditional approach is taken; open a bank savings account and dump as much cash in it as possible. Sit on it like a goose sits on her eggs and wait for your savings to hatch. The sad reality for most however, is making a future cash withdrawal only to be afforded the ability to buy less with their savings because inflation has eaten away at it. And you’ll always be on the losing side of a bank savings account because interest rates are not higher than inflation.

Another option many consider is putting money into the stock market however, one should not consider the stock market as a savings vehicle because the stock market has had a history of crashing dating back to beyond 1929.[ii]

Search the definition of saving in Webster’s dictionary and see “preservation from danger or destruction” while the definition of investing reads, “to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return.” Neither method is good or bad but you must understand which it is that you’re trying to do.

Finally, during my research I have found throughout history when people lose faith in their national currency, the banking system that controls it and their governments, many rush back to gold. Gold is the oldest form of money and has proved to be a safe haven for centuries. Gold cannot be printed, debased, or inflated. Simply put, gold is financial insurance.

Are You Really Making Passive Income From Home

You just have to follow the rules, act smart and take action accordingly to create your own passive income generators online. Here you will explore more about making a passive online income like the expert internet marketers! The steps are easy and simple; but you have to find the right way to use the methods. Once you’ve started using things in the right way, you will soon start making money like a pro!

Are you really making passive income online?: Just ask yourself!

If you are spending hours to maintain your business online, you’re definitely not running a passive business model. However, you can easily convert your business model and make it a passive income stream. You just need a complete strategy to deal with the business model and optimize that accordingly. Here you will explore why and how you should convert your business architecture and convert that into a REAL passive income stream:

#1 passive earning streams can set you financially FREE

A passive business can help you enjoy the ultimate financial freedom. Even if you’re engaged in a day to day job, a passive business can help you save more money and enjoy more time on the vacations. You can secure your future and stay away from the adverse effects of the economic recessions. More importantly, you can think about being creative, making experiments and new moves in your life! A passive business can make your life more exciting than ever before!

#2 once you can convert your business model, you can focus on other business

Running a passive business is fun; you can think about launching another business venture. You can think about playing with your ideas and make experiments with different methods. At the same time you can rinse and repeat the same thing to maximize your earnings. If you can take action like a pro, you can double, triple or make even more money using the same method and strategy!

#3 recruit people and divide the responsibilities to create a successful passive business model

Finally, you can think about increasing your productivity and share the revenues with some recruits. You can hire some people and divide your responsibilities. Thus you can convert your regular business into a passive business model. This won’t be so easy as you will need to find the right strategy, best recruits and a long term line up for maintaining the business – but this can help your business optimize properly and you can setup your passive business model successfully this way!

Five Tips to Help You Lighten Up

Almost all of us want to constantly adjust our weight. A handful of us are happy with our weight, others need to gain a few pounds. The rest of us “battle the bulge” almost constantly. No matter what your weight goals are, here I provide some important weight loss tips and tricks to help you achieve your ideal weight more faster.

Eating more calories than your body needs to perform it’s daily functions, means that the extra calories will be stored as fat. If you do not eat sufficient calories to satisfy your bodies energy needs then your body will make make up the difference by taking what it needs from the stored fat in your system.

Understand that every 3500 calories of unused energy stored by your body, is stored in the form of fat. So in order to lose one pound of fat you would have to create an energy deficit of 3500 calories by either reducing your intake or increasing your exercise level to burn up the 3500 calories. Keep in mind that it is not safe to lose more than 2 pounds per week.

It can be refreshing to know that walking an extra mile every day will burn up 100 extra calories per day. Walking one mile uses up approximately 100grams of energy (the exact amount depends on your body weight)

People who are overweight spend more energy in moving about than those who are at their ideal weight. It stands to reason that the heavier you are determines the amount of energy required to move. If you use calorific charts, always check to see what body weight is being referred to.

Sometimes breaking things down into simple day-to-day terms can make all the difference; Any food or drink that contains about 100 calories, a soft drink or an extra slice of bread per day will add up to 10 extra pounds in one year if your exercise level is not increased.

One thing is certain. Most people do not get enough exercise in their ordinary daily routines. If you are already over your ideal body weight get a check up before starting a diet or exercise routine.

A Powerful Bonding & Healing Technique

How to Join -Take two comfortable chairs and place them so you can sit close to and facing your Joining partner. Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Playing some relaxing or emotionally meaningful music will also help. You can gently hold hands if you like. Now make eye contact with the other person and try to maintain it for as long as you can. You can blink as normal – the intention is not to stare, but to naturally look into the other person’s eyes for an extended period of time. Try to Join for at least twenty minutes. You may find it easier to focus on just one eye – whichever is most comfortable and gives you the deepest contact.

At first, most people find it hard to maintain sustained eye contact. In social settings making too much eye contact can appear threatening, but here we are deliberately allowing ourselves to maintain the contact as long as we wish. You may feel embarrassed or awkward or you may find it hard to remain serious and have a strong urge to talk. It is possible that you feel disturbed by this level of intimacy and want to end the Joining.

The resistance you may be feeling comes from the fear of emotional intimacy. We are not used to allowing ourselves to get this emotionally close to other people. With such strong eye contact, it feels as if the other person can see right into the heart of our being. We fear that they will know us too well, including all our secrets and any low self-worth. These are aspects of ourselves that we have tried to hide, so we may now be reluctant to reveal them. But remember that it is our low self-worth that causes us to keep ourselves separate in relationships and prevents us from healing our issues. Although Joining can be difficult at first, the process is intended to unearth our resistance to wholehearted connection with another person and then burn through it to find the love and self-esteem that lies underneath.

If you persevere with Joining, a number of interesting things will usually happen. You should start feeling some emotion – it could be positive or negative. Try not to judge or control the emotion, just let it flow naturally. The emotion is welling up from your subconscious as well as your deeper unconscious mind. You may feel anger, sadness, loss or other negative emotions. You may cry – don’t judge this, just let it happen without resistance. Keep feeling into these emotions as you maintain the eye contact. It is likely that you and your partner will mirror each other’s emotions. Look into their eyes and imagine that you are seeing right into their emotions. What are they feeling? Feel love and appreciation for the other person and pour this into them. If you find this hard, imagine they are somebody you love dearly, such as a child or a parent. As you feel the love for them and transfer it to your Joining partner through their eyes, they will feel it and respond. See all the love within them. If you have a spiritual belief, see divine love or God in their eyes. The love will then melt away pain and any separation.